Something to brighten up your day while you’re stuck at home…

This is the story of an orphan elephant named Khanyisa. 

Khanyisa had been found trapped in a snare with several severe injuries, no sign of her herd. Her wounds suggested she had been desperately trying to free herself, for days. She had serious lacerations around the back of her ears and neck that stretched around her mouth and cheeks.

She was first taken to Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary in Mpumalanga, where their veterinary team attended to her wounds, waiting for The HERD Elephant Orphanage’s team to arrive and aid further. Adine roode , Founder and leading force behind HERD and Managing Director at Jabulani Safari , applied for the necessary permits to transfer Khanyisa to HERD, her new home.

HERD is the first elephant orphanage of its kind in South Africa, that serves as a facility to rehabilitate and raise elephants calves that have been displaced or orphaned. Organisations such as these are crucial to have in South Arica. With poaching as rife as it is, calves are often left alone after their mothers have been poached.

But Khanyisa is no ordinary elephant calf. She gets her name from her unique appearance. ‘Khanyisa’ means light or sunshine, in the local Shona language. Khanyisa is an albino elephant, making her more visible in the bush thus making her more susceptible to attacks by predators. HERD tells us, this also means she is more sensitive to light and can suffer health problems associated with genetic mutations.

On a happier note, Khanyisa is thriving, she is beyond happy and has settled in quickly at her new home. She’s made a loyal companion out of Lammie, a resident sheep.

“She continues to be a ray of light since coming into our care at HERD. On the 7th of January 2020, as a four month-old calf.” says HERD.

Khanyisa continues to improve each day, healing and becoming more alert. We are inspired by the work of the HERD team, all Khanyisa’s carers, the wildlife vets, Care For Wild, Provet Wildlife Services and the work of remarkable, Adine Roode.

For more updates on Khanyisa , follow
@herd_elephants on facebook and instagram.

@ HERD – Hoedspruit Elephant Rehabilitation and Development

We hope you enjoyed this little story.

Stay Safe,

The Personal Collection Team.

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