The word ‘Safari’ was originally derived from the Swahili word meaning ‘Journey’ and through the 1900’s, the African safari has seen a journey of its own.

For first time visitors to Africa and for those who return, a safari is a soul-stirring experience.  No visit to South or Southern Africa is complete without a safari indulgence.

Secure in a glorious canvas tent or luxuriating in an acclaimed five-star lodge, an African safari will always bring guests closer to the very nature of things.  And they’ll return time and time again.

Imagine undulating mountainous terrain, shrouded by a never-ending cacophony of time old trees, or an abundance of birdlife chirping a constant melody of mating calls. Top this with mesmerizing sightings of the Big Five … or the Small Five, as one traverses the ever changing landscapes, not knowing what adventure waits around the corner…

The Modern Safari encompasses ultra luxury, majestic wildlife sightings and gastronomical experiences to tempt any taste buds.

Immerse yourselfin our culture & wildlife find adventure as you travel across africa

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