He's got a nurturing touch

With a greater focus on conservation including wildlife Conservation, habitat Conservation and environmental Conservation, ‘Protect and Preserve’ through first-hand experience has evolved the modern day safari into a Socially Responsible Journey.

As ambassadors of our beautiful earth, we actively support organisations which focus on the conservation, protection and promotion of our rich heritage.

We are a proud member of the TreadRight Foundation, a non-profit foundation promoting sustainable tourism within our own family brands.  TreadRight is Thompsons Africa’s vehicle for all corporate social responsibility efforts, and manages a long-standing grants program that benefits sustainable tourism projects.

To date, TreadRight has committed more than USD 2 million to projects worldwide, and encourages industry best practice through their support for the World Travel & Tourism Council’s Tourism for Tomorrow Awards, The Travel Foundation & Tourism Cares.  TreadRight has helped support some 40 sustainable tourism projects worldwide and in Africa, helps to support WildAid, The Wilderness Foundation, Bushmans Kloof Rock Art, Clanwilliam Cedar Trees, The Cape Leopard Trust and the Endangered Wildlife Trust.

We are mindful of the current worldwide focus and awareness on the plight of wildlife across the globe and in Africa in particular.  We are especially conscious of the importance of conserving our wildlife heritage.

After all, we are blessed to be the caretakers of an abundance of wildlife that brings so many travellers to our shores.  Personal Collection does not support any wildlife interaction that we deem to be unethical in either its purpose or in any way results in cruelty as a side effect.  We encourage our customers to consider this when requesting activities in our quotations.

As a priority we ensure that we are 100% involved with our partnered wildlife organisations, and as a member of The TreadRight Foundation, we practice the promise to make the welfare of our wildlife our number one concern.

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